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13010 W. Griffin Road, South West Ranches
Florida 33330

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Temple Panditji's


Pandit Devanathan Shivacharyaji

We are honored to have the presiding priest of our Kumbha Abhishekam and Prana Pratishtana Mahotsavam Devenathan Shivachariayarji as our head priest.The South Florida Community is very familiar with his outstanding knowledge of Shastras and very powerful, authentic, and impressive style of performing any puja, havan, ritual, or even Kumbabhishekam and Prana Pratishtana Mahotsavam. We have not forgotten the divine, heavenly spell of the Prana Pratishtana Mahotsavam.


Now, our very own Devenathan Shivachariayarji is performing different daily pujas in our temple with a lot of interest and participation from the community. He will be performing many different types of havans, including monthly aryasamaji and Gayatri havan. Shri Maha Shivratri Maha Puja with 108 shankhas and individual offering of abhishekam was a highlight of his extraordinary style of religious celebrations as a priest. We are looking forward to Janmashtami, Navratri, Chandipath with Mata Devi Havan and other celebrations throughout the year with his signature touch to each celebration. Hailing from a family of outstanding priests in India and scholar of Krishna Yajurveda himself, he was given Shivarchariyar Dheeksha in 1994 in India.  He has served in many temples in India and in the USA, including the Murugan temple in Concord, California and the Hindu Temple of Greater Cincinnati in Ohio.








Acharya Narinder Shastriji 

We are pleased to let the community know that Acharya Narinder Shastriji is now one of our permanent priests. He hails from Mata Chintpurni in Himachal Pardesh and his educational background includes a PhD in Sanskrit and Astrology.  Being gifted with a melodious voice, he is able to perform many different types of ceremonies like Mata Ki Chowki, Jagrans, and Pravachan with Sangeet.    Shastriji has been living in the US since 1996 and has performed over 2000 marriages across the country and is licensed to sign marriage certificates. Narinder Shastri ji is also a world famous Astrologer and can read and match horoscopes accurately. His many skills include Wedding, Astrology, Poojas, Havan, Mundan, Greh Pravesh, Sundar Kand Path, RamayanPath, Satya Narayan Katha, New Car Pooja, etc. 

A fun fact about him is that he participated in a very famous TV show called Sa Re Ga Ma Pa in 2002 and was one of the contestants.  He can speak English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Gujrati.






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