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13010 W. Griffin Road, South West Ranches
Florida 33330

Pooja Booking (954)43-Temple



Founding Trustees & Benefactors



1. Chander Shaykher            Chairperson
2. Subhash Puranik            Vice Chair
3. Vinod Patel                    Secretary
4. Raj Gupta                    Fund Raising Chair
5. Shanti Agarwal                   Member at Large
6. Mahendra Gupta            Member at Large
7. Mohan Gupta                     Member at Large
8. Late Niranjan Sinha    Member at Large




List Of Benefactors




1.   Vipin and Pratibha Pujara


2.  Subhash and Neena Gupta


3.  Shoba and Rajendra Gupta  


4.  Sudha and Mahendra Gupta


5.  Mohan and Meenu Gupta


6.  Atul and Ranjan Patel

7.  Narendra bhai and Bhartiben Patel



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