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13010 W. Griffin Road, South West Ranches
Florida 33330

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Our beautiful temple stands strong today because of the strength of our community. We are thankful to those who have shown their gratitude to renew their annual membership. The funds collected at the annual membership drive in these past four months help sustain our temple all year with overhead costs. This drive is vital to keep our temple self-sufficient and allows us to bring more programs without worrying about the cost of electricity, water and maintenance of the building. We strongly encourage you to renew your annual membership and would like to express our thankfulness in advance.Still growing each and every day, our temple faces expenses that need to be met. Our executive committee and governing board both voted unanimously and approved the increase in membership dues beginning from January 2009.

Since January 2009, the membership dues have increased with only one-time donations (not cumulative). They are as follows:
  • Life Members: $5,000
  • Patrons: $7,500.00
  • Trustees: $15,000
  • Annual membership: $201
You may also contribute to our overhead expense on a monthly basis by paying $50 or $100 a month towards the maintenance fund. Every action of gratitude will be cherished and appreciated and therefore, we hope that you will continue to support in any way possible. We have outlined the various ways you are able to contribute: Annual Membership Drive, Maintenance Fund or becoming a Life, Patron or Trustee Member or contributing for any temple items listed on the donor board in the lobby
Please accept our gratitude for all your support in the past and we hope that you will continue to support SFHT.
Please mail Check to:
South Florida Hindu Temple
Attention-- Membership Committee Chairperson
13010 w Griffen Road
South West Ranches , Fl. 33330


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