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The temple is managed by the most dedicated volunteers in the Exec Committee and in the Governing Body, however a non-profit organization relies on the services and support of the volunteers like you for helping in running the temple successfully.

1. All Committee Chairs will have specific jobs when the volunteers arrive so that they can get to the work and leave with a sense of accomplishment in a given period of time.
2. Everyone will be respectful and fair to all those who volunteer.
3. Encourage a positive and œcan do attitude.
4. When we work for more than three hours we will provide a small snack and drink to keep our energy and spirit going.
5. Service to the temple and the community is very satisfying and a great opportunity to meet people who are as dedicated as you.

We encourage you to join us in any way that would benefit our temple and the community. We currently need assistance in the following areas:


We need you volunteers


Mahaprasad Committee


10 AM to 11 AM Washing vegetables and cutting them
11AM to 12 PM Cooking Prasad
12:00 PM to 12:20 PM Setup of prasad on the serving table
12:30 PM to 1:00 PM Serving prasad by 1st shift volunteers and water
1:00 to 1:30 PM Serving Prasad by 2nd shift volunteers
1:45 PM


Other volunteering opportunities:

  • Grocery shopping weekly
  • Preparing sweets for special pujas and festivals

Shopping for temple grocery weekly

  • Vegetables, lentils, masala, paper products, cleaning supplies
  • Making rotis every Sunday-10 ladies to make 20-25 each

Senior Citizens Program

  • First Saturday of every month 11am -2 pm we need volunteers for senior citizens, to bring them from home to temple and back home in your zip code.
  • We need committed and accountable group leader to conduct seniors meetings and activities, 3 to four per meeting-we need about 12 leaders
  • Volunteers to teach computers, and other electronic gadgets to seniors.
Finance Committee
  • Sunday's 1:00 - 2:00 PM           Count aarti money

Temple cleaning day

  • Sign up for cleaning day
  • Organizing all rooms, kitchen, office, stage back room, puja back room

Festival volunteers

Shiv Ratri, Ramnavami, Ganesh Chaturti, Janmastami, Navratri & Divali

  • Temple decoration: rangoli, flower arrangements, stage setup
  • Event volunteers

Cultural programs

  • Every Sunday lead and chorus bhajan singers, tabla, and harmonium players.
  • Performing artists for dance, music and drama
  • Volunteers to teach garba/raas/bhangra-during holidays

Mandir Volunteers

  • Volunteers to make phone calls
  • Volunteers for Information desk
  • Volunteers to make copies, help in mailing.
  • Update information on notice boards
  • Remove all out dated info from walls, windows etc
  • Greeters, help in parking for bigger functions--diwali, annakoot etc
  • Rangoli artists with fresh flowers, sand, traditional-for festivals
  • Wedding decorators, mithai/gifts wrapping
  • Help in audio/visual/power point presentations
  • Help in web designing
  • Singers to help in puja and cultural programs
  • Help in fundraising
  • Help in creating new variety in our SFHT cultural events
  • Help in membership-making phone calls etc
  • Become a bal bihar sevak or teachers

Volunteering Committee Work Opportunities

  • Scheduling volunteers to different committee & temple events
  • Calling volunteers
  • Volunteer Relations
  • Youth Volunteer Log
  • Annual Volunteer Picnic
  • Annual Volunteer Appreciation ceremony

Puja Committee Volunteer Opportunities

    1. Making weekly fresh flower garlands for deities.
    2. Buying flowers for special pujas
    3. Cleaning Puja area
    4. Assisting in special pujas.
    5. Making puja thalis during special havans or pujas.
    6. Special puja setup assistance
    7. Need volunteers to sing bhajan on Sundays
    8. Looking for Harmonium and Tabla Players

If you have any questions please send Email




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