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13010 W. Griffin Road, South West Ranches
Florida 33330

Pooja Booking (954)43-Temple



Welcome to the Temple Experience !!!

South Florida Hindu Temple is a place where hundreds of people come together for collective prayers each Sunday morning. The Temple’s culture is one of inclusiveness and celebrates festivals from all corners of India.A Weekly schedule includes: Rudra Abhishekam, Hanuman Chalisa, Lakshmi ma puja, Ma Saraswati puja, monthly havan.

Beyond it's overwhelming architectural beauty, it also is a place where Education is valued. Children from all corners of India come together in the most appropriate of learning environments to learn the values and principles of Sanatan Dharma.A The program is in English and the focus is on Character Education straight from our scriptures. Adult group studies with various books are also offered.

South Florida Hindu Temple goes beyond religious and education programs. The temple is constantly buzzing with cultural activities through out the week and not just during festivals.

The temple offers, Bharatnatyam classes, Tabla lessons, Kathak classes and Yoga classes to children and adults.

Volunteers, the soul of the temple, run the temple from Prasad committee to Finance committee and devotees are encouraged to get involved and share their talents and time.

Prasad committee always needs peaceful, dedicated cooks, Education program always looks for dedicated volunteers to teach, garlands are made weekly, maintenance and cleaning after each event is always essential, religious committee is always looking for dedicated and dependable volunteers to help before and after each puja or havan.

As much as volunteers are needed, the temple is growing.A Your donations, small or large, are very much appreciated and put to good use.A So come to South Florida Hindu Temple and reacquaint yourself and family with all things Hindu.A The environment will make you feel like home.