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Our Bala Vihar Classes are based on thousands of years of Hindu spiritual values enshrined in our scriptures.  We take this ancient knowledge , passed on by our Rishis , and teach the children how to apply it in their daily lives in an interactive manner thru story telling, discussion, homework and games.This way the experience for children becomes fun filled and enjoyable . Children also learn prayers and bhajans.

Our focus is on Character building and Values,  taught in English, in age appropriate groups.  Our  Curriculum, drawn from various sources such as Chinmaya Mission , Arshad Vidya Gurukulam , is continually updated based on the feedback ,and is age appropriate beginning from age 4.

Teenage students have a discussion based class to help them better understand and cope with their current issues and pressures of life faced particularly by our children due to their cross cultural background.

Adult classes run parallel during bala vihar time for parents to get involved. We encourage all Parents to be involved in adult education as parents are the role models.

Hindi and Gujarati language classes are offered for children and adult age 5 and above.

All sevaks are volunteers and give of their time for preparation and classes.

We would also like to invite all Youth and Parents to Join the bhajan group that has formed at the temple.  Practice for bhajan group are immediately after Aarti.

The education program goes one step further offering Bharat Natyam, Kathak, Tabla and Yoga classes.

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For Registration and Fees, Please Click Here.